Should I stop playing a game because I get erections while playing it?

Last updated on October 8, 2020


I have a problem with getting erections when I’m playing a racing game. When I am winning I get an erection and when I’m losing it fades. I like this game, but I don’t feel good about this. When I play the game, I want to win over the erections. I consider it sinful that I play a game which makes me get an erection. I don’t play it, but I’d like to. Is it a sin? Should I go to confession? Can I play this game?

Thank you very much! God bless you and your work!


Let first understand what is happening. Erections are relatively new for you. Your body doesn’t know when they are needed or not, so you often get erections when you would rather not have them.

Erections are caused by a muscle inside your groin that clamps down on the vein that allows blood in your penis to return to your heart. This causes the blood to back up in your penis, causing it to inflate and get bigger. When your heart beats faster, that raises your blood pressure and the penis gets even bigger and stiff — just like a balloon being filled with air, only the penis is being filled with blood.

When you are playing your game, you are intensely focused on the play and are tensing up your body. The muscle movements are not fine-tuned yet, so the muscle that causes erections also gets tense. Thus, your penis starts to get bigger. When you are winning, your heart starts beating faster because of your excitement, which makes your penis larger and stiff. When you are losing, you lose interest and your heart slows down and your erection fades.

Having erections is not a sin. It is just an automatic response of your body to different situations. Eventually, your body will gradually learn to only have erections when you are thinking about sexual situations. While the erections are not sinful, wanting to have sex when you are not married so badly that you are willing to sin to have sex; well, that is called “lust” and it is a sin. Some boys look at pornography because they want the erections and the feelings that come with it, but that too is wrong because it is about having sex without being married. However, playing a game is not necessarily sinful, regardless of whether it gives you an erection or not.


Thank you for your answer!