Shouldn’t erections become less frequent by the end of stage 4?

Last updated on September 11, 2020


When I wake up I have erections and very frequently during the day. I’m almost done with stage 4. Shouldn’t these erections be fading rather than becoming more frequent?


Morning erections should be with you for the rest of your life. Actually you have four to six erections every night that corresponds with when you are dreaming while you are sleeping. Your last dream phase of sleep is just before you wake up and thus you find yourself with an erection when you wake up. It is the lack of erections while sleeping for an extended period that might indicate that you are having problems. You should consider your night time and morning erections as your body’s self-check that everything is functioning correctly.

Spontaneous erections do fade as you get into your twenties (long past reaching stage 5), but they don’t go away completely. What you will get better at is distracting yourself so that the erections fade quickly.