Thank you for answering my son’s question

Last updated on August 12, 2020



Thank you so much for answering my son’s somewhat confused (if not confusing) note.  I had found your site in looking for material to explain a few things better than I can, and I liked the fact that you’re a minister and seem to have a pragmatic straightforward approach to all this.

I also see you have a similar site for girls, and I want to say I admire your hard work and dedication.

My son’s question came as a result of an older friend showing him a video on his computer in which he saw adult ejaculations.  It’s really great how easily this stuff is accessed by anyone of any age (I’m being angrily sarcastic)!  Hence his questions to me.  I asked him if he’d been aware of masturbation before seeing the video and he admitted he had been since he was 11.  I didn’t embarrass him further by asking him outright if he only knew about it or already practiced it at that age.

In any case, it seems that he is doing so now, and there’s no going back.  At this stage in his life he actually does experience an ejaculation but it’s of a clear fluid like pre-ejaculate, and your answer nicely cleared that up (no pun intended).

I feel awkward writing this, so doubly admire your direct no-nonsense approach in all you’ve written on the subject.

I thought he’d find the information on your site itself and was a little alarmed when I found that he emailed you, as I didn’t want him to bother you personally with his “problem.”  I was even more alarmed by the message itself – I have since activated the spellcheck.  And I also spoke to him about the need to proofread his work – in this case I’m being only mildly sarcastic.

Thank you so much for your time.  I see the online information is available as a book, and being of the generation that prefers actually reading a tangible item of paper and print I’m ordering it.

Sincerely and with Very Best Regards,


It is my pleasure to have been of service. This started way back in 1990 when I was asked to teach a class on sexual matters to counter what what being taught in the public schools. The class went so well, it blossomed into a book and then later I put it on the Internet. Given all the false information and immoral suggestions on the Internet, I figure there was a place for accurate information being taught from a religious point of view.

I’m glad the information was useful to you and your son. I really don’t mind questions. I try to respond to as many as I can each day.