Thank you for coming into my life. You are one of the crucial people in my life.

Last updated on October 2, 2020



I’m having a busy life since I’ve qualified for my next class, and I have to focus a lot in these days. I wanted to tell you that I’m leading a very cheerful life with lots of motivation and determination. I also wanted to tell you that I haven’t forgotten to talk to you, it’s just that I’m on a very tight schedule. I always hope and pray for you and your family to my God and ask Him to keep every single individual who is related to my life, happy, satisfied, and in health.

I hope you are doing great and living an awesome life and also helping other teenagers like me. On that note, once again thank you for coming into my life and helping me fight this problem and win against it. Thank you! One last thing I wanted to tell you is quite odd but true: you are also one of the crucial people in my life. Thank you, sir! I have a lot of respect for you.


It is so good to hear from you again! Even better to hear that you are doing well. I don’t often hear back from the people I talk to, but your note was a pleasure to read. Keep up the good work. Write or call when you can. I certainly understand the problem of having a challenging and tight schedule.