Thank you for telling the boy with the large penis size to be careful when he got married

Last updated on April 24, 2024


Thank you for your answer to “Has my penis stopped growing yet?” The part about his size that would require him to go slow and careful with his new wife in the future was perfect.

As a teen in the 70s, my doctor told me twice that when I got engaged, I would need to talk to my fiancé about my penis size (and sex drive) before our honeymoon. That’s exactly what I did. Our conversation opened up a whole world of sexual honesty and sexual responsibility that shaped our marriage. Even after 41 years of marriage, my wife still talks about how much it meant to her that because I was gentle in stretching her over the six weeks it took for me to finally be fully in her, she knew I really did love her and deeply cared about her. To see that you gave that advice to this young man meant a lot to me, too, knowing that he might love his wife as he loves himself, and she will love and respect him all the more.

Thank you again.


Thank you for the encouragement and the example. I do what I can.