The skin on my penis is chafing and painful when I get a strong erection

Last updated on October 6, 2020



I’m circumcised. Recently when I have to take care of masturbating, I’m noticing the skin on my penis is chafing, sometimes without doing it hard. I know that could be a sign of doing it too much, but my skin has a tendency to get dry easily. I don’t want to talk to my mom or dad about getting lubricant because that’s a really awkward situation. How would I be able to get it, so that I’m not hurting myself whenever I do masturbate?

Also, I can have two types of erections: one where my body is telling me I need to masturbate and the second ones just happen. The second ones have been becoming painful near the glans. I also noticed that my penis has been getting a lot harder than usual whenever I have an erection, which I don’t know if that is a bad thing or not. Anyway, is that pain normal if I’m still growing? (I’m 16.) Is my penis supposed to feel like its getting harder than usual as I grow up?

Thanks a lot!


Since you mentioned that you typically have trouble with dry skin, I would assume you have eczema or something similar. I would guess that you have lotion around to treat the dry skin. If not, it would be a reasonable request to ask your parents to get some for you.

When you are bathing, use a minimal amount of soap on your penis or anywhere else that your skin is dry. Make sure you rinse off thoroughly. If you are masturbating in the shower, don’t use soap as a lubricant — it will dry the skin of your penis. After washing, use some conditioner and rub it into the skin of your genitals and then rinse off the excess. You can also use a small amount of conditioner as a lubricant when masturbating in the shower. Before dressing use some lotion on your dry skin, including your penis.

As you get older, your erections do get stronger and larger. That is because an erection is based on your blood flow and blood pressure. As you mature, your heart gets bigger and stronger. Your veins enlarge to carry more blood. I suspect the pain is related to your dry skin. With a large erection, the skin on your penis stretches, and that would be uncomfortable if the skin has lost its flexibility because it is dry.

If lotions don’t control the problem, then you need to mention it to your doctor the next time you see him. He will need to determine the cause of the dry skin and then recommend a plan for either curing it or managing the problem.