There are adhesions between my foreskin and glans

Last updated on September 29, 2020


Hi there,

I do not know if this question will be answered, but I thought I might as well send it anyway. Straight to the point: I have an uncircumcised penis and have followed your guide on getting the skin to fold back and it is working, but I have unfortunately run into a problem! I have folded back the skin about 1/3 of the way back and have noticed pieces of skin from my foreskin appear to be connected with my penis and a significant piece is attached to the tip of my penis and all these pieces prevent me from pulling my foreskin back any further and I have searched the web for an answer and can’t find one.

Please help.



Adhesions of the foreskin to the glans can often be solved by frequently pulling on the foreskin away from your body. The action of sliding the foreskin across the glans will loosen the adhesions. Unfortunately, it doesn’t usually happen quickly. It can take months of pulling every chance you get. As areas loosen up, wash them using mostly water and rinse it very well.

You should not unsheathe the foreskin forcibly as this can cause tears and allow an infection to get in.

If after pulling on the foreskin for months no progress is made, then you can see a urologist. He should be able to minor surgery to disconnect the foreskin from the glans without having to do a complete circumcision.