These issues need to be openly discussed

Last updated on March 10, 2022



I wanted to say that it would be beneficial if we, as a society, talked about these issues, such as your spiritual journey, mental health, sex, etc. I see so many questions on the site about very important topics. I’ve had many of the same questions. For instance: “What if I lust after a woman I like?” Of course, it’s based on a distortion of a healthy sexual desire. It’s fine and totally normal to be attracted to a woman’s body. 

A part of these questions might signal that we need to understand and be ok with our normal sexuality. Perhaps we need to get educated about it so we’re equipped to handle the ins and outs of adolescence and beyond. I appreciate what this ministry is doing. Maybe seminars, talks, and books would come in handy. Of course, I don’t want to miss the fact that God and the Bible are the ultimate guides to wisdom. There are a bunch of nuances to life. I’ve read stuff on Boys Under Attack and I feel that young men need a formal guide. The information on that site was a bit sketchy. 

Anyway, I appreciate everything you’re doing. It’s very nice. I’ve seen so many young men my age struggle with things like pornography and feel that openly discussing it is a big help.

We should get to the heart of these issues, with the truth of the Bible and God’s love. I guess it’s important to be mindful of the changes that come with puberty and remind myself that “This situation is OK. Relax, you don’t need to have all the answers. Rest in the truth.” There are so many nuanced issues with life.


I’m glad you are getting some help from the site and the scriptural guidance that is given.