What can be done about a tight foreskin?

Last updated on September 7, 2020


Hello Sir,

I am 20 years old. I came across your web site while researching my concerns regarding a tight foreskin. Your web site was helpful, but I am still concerned. I am wondering if should undergo circumcision. When flaccid my foreskin is easily pulled back, but when erect I find it hard to pull it back.

There are limits to how far I can unsheath my penis. I cannot pull it further down. As a result, I have never masturbated using my hands as the skin won’t go down and it causes so much pain that I don’t feel anything else. I normally use the bed by lying on my stomach and then masturbate. Is this common?

I am confused about whether the foreskin is pulled back enough. I mean is it normal as it won’t stretch beyond this point? Why can’t I masturbate by hand? Can I have intercourse?

Please let me know. Thank you.


Yes, your foreskin is too tight, which is why you are experiencing pain when it is pulled down during an erection. The condition is called phimosis by doctors. Circumcision would correct the problem simply because it would remove the foreskin and leave the end of your penis always exposed. But there are some alternatives you might want to consider first.

Before doing anything, try stretching the opening of the foreskin. You will need to do this when you are flaccid, which might be difficult at first. First, pull the end of the foreskin away from the body so you have some extra skin to work with. Next, insert your fingers into the opening and stretch it wider. You’ll have to stretch it to the point of strong discomfort, but not outright pain. Do this every chance you can get: in the morning, after using the toilet, before going to bed, etc.

See if there is any improvement after two months. If not, you need to see a Urologist. See what he recommends, but ask about preputiopaltsy which involves making one to three small slits at the end of the foreskin, thus allowing it to open wider. Medical literature states that it has a 70% success ratio and even if it fails, you can still get a regular circumcision. The advantage of a preputioplatsy is that the recovery time is far less, there is less chance of complications, and you still have your foreskin.

Intercourse may be painful unless there is plenty of lubrication so the foreskin doesn’t need to slide backward. At best, it might be uncomfortable.

Your method of masturbating is commonly called humping, and it is not unusual.