What can I do about my short height?


I’m 14. I am short in height and always have been but my peers have been growing taller now and I have not had a growth spurt yet. I have had facial hair on my upper lip for about two years and am just starting to get hair under my chin and on my cheeks. I am concerned about my height what should I do?


It sounds like you are in stage 3 of development, which is when boys have their greatest rate of growth. Since I can’t see you, I can’t say much more than this.

If your height is a concern, you can talk to your doctor about it. It doesn’t sound as if you have any hormonal problems. You have to remember that your height is govern by the genes you inherit from your parents. At a minimum, boys will grow to the average of their parents’ heights. They can grow somewhat more than that, depending on the combination of genes that they inherit.

To reach your maximum potential height, you merely need to eat healthy foods in good variety and exercise reasonably to keep your body healthy.