What can I do so God will allow us to marry?

Last updated on October 6, 2020



I really want advice from you. Just two weeks back my girlfriend was introduced to a gifted man or a messenger of God. People told my girlfriend that what he says always comes true and people have experienced it. He told her that we are not made for each other. He said if we get married one of us will die soon, we will not be blessed with children, we will not have blessings in whatever we do, she will never be happy with me, and even if we fast and pray to God, He will not change His decision. He told her to let me go.

She is very scared now and doesn’t want to continue our relationship if God doesn’t give us a message for us to be together. Both of us are hurting so badly now. We love each other so much. We want to get married. She is already a part of me and losing her will be like losing a part of me, and I know she feels the same way. She cries when she talks about us splitting, and it hurts me more.

I know God is punishing us for something we have done wrong. Will God forgive us if we ask with all our hearts and change His decision for us to be together for life? Will God bless us?

If what that man the messenger is true, I am scared too. Will God give us a second chance? I love her with all my heart and she loves me too. I am hers only. I have given my heart to her. I have been fasting for a week now, praying for forgiveness for both of us, and for our relationship, to have a happy married life. I know that God forgives and shows mercy. But I am scared too about what that man said about us.

What can I do more to reach out to God and what should I tell my girlfriend, whether to wait for God’s answer or let me go? What should we do? I really don’t want to lose her. Right now we are just waiting for God’s answer. I really need some good advice.



The problem is you are accepting the word of a fraud as if he speaks the word of God. See: A prophet told my fiance not to marry me. What do I do?

God speaks through His Son (Hebrews 1:1-2). His Son speaks through the Bible. If you want to know what God wants, read His Word.



Thanks for your reply. My girlfriend just ended our relationship today. She said if God is not willing for us to be together we will never be happy without God blessing and God will never answer our prayer for us to be together because it has been written.

She still talks with that gifted man for hours. I don’t know what they talk about.

If she is making a mistake to let me go after 3 years by believing in him, what should I do? Should I continue to pray to God for us to be together even if she ended it? She still loves me, I know I can still do something to win her back, but I don’t know what. Should I just wait for God’s answer that He has forgiven us and we can be together?

I am so hurt and confused. I don’t know what to believe.


Let me be clear about this: This is NOT God’s doing. Your girlfriend is listening to a man who falsely claims to speak for God. The Bible is clear that God no longer uses prophets because He has fully delivered His message (I Corinthians 13:8-10).

For example, she said “it has been written” that you are not to marry. Where? I’m positive the fraud is just using catchphrases from the Bible to make his words sound holy when they are not.

The difficulty is that if she isn’t interested in the truth and prefers to listen to a fraud, I don’t know how to convince her because all I have to offer is the truth of the Bible. You are in a more difficult situation because she will not be inclined to believe you because you have something to gain from her listening to you. Even though you would be speaking the truth, it would be discounted.  You could ask your girlfriend to speak to me, but I doubt she will be interested.

I always find stories like yours aggravating because frauds are ruining people’s lives for their own gain.

Just what sin have you committed that makes you think that God doesn’t want you to get married?