What do doctors check when you are a late bloomer?

Last updated on September 25, 2020


I am 14 and have not started any kind of puberty growth anywhere. After my last athletics physical, our family doctor told my mom that she might want to take me to a specialist who will give me a more thorough exam. I am really nervous. What will this new doctor check? I have not been naked in front of anyone since I was probably 5. What if my mom stays in the room like she always does? She has already told me not to be so nervous and that she is my mom and I should not be embarrassed. But I don’t want to be embarrassed in front of her and some doctor.


The specialist will be mostly interested in the hormone levels in your blood. If something is off, he will be trying to find a cause so it can be corrected. Hopefully, it is nothing more than being a late bloomer, but since there are other causes, they need to be considered and ruled out. If the doctor has to check your development so far, he understands that it can be embarrassing, so he minimizes his examination. For instance, you would be given a gown to put on. You can first take off your shirt, put on the gown, and then take off your pants and the gown will keep you covered.