What do I do about a girl who only wants to be friends?



Recently, I’ve been texting this girl who is my cousin’s friend. We have quite a bit in common and always had good conversations. I asked her to go to church with me the other day, and she told me she would have to see what she was doing. I then asked if she would like to go out to eat if that would be something that interests her more. We got to talk about our feelings, and she said that she thinks it would be best to be friends for now. She said I was a great guy and that “who knows, we might end up together in the future.” I was let down that she “friend-zoned” me, but I told her I would try to be a good friend to her. I’m not sure if that was a good response from me. It’s hard to be friends with her when I want to be more. What should I do?


There seem to have been two strikes against this girl so far: she isn’t interested in spiritual matters, and while she likes your company, she doesn’t consider you a prospect for marriage.

Most girls don’t like confrontation, so try to let a guy down gently through vague terms. When she said, “We might end up together in the future,” it appeared to me that she was more interested in another guy. She might consider you if she can’t find someone more interesting. Similarly, a girl who won’t commit to a date usually is saying she isn’t interested.

Be friendly with her, but it would be best to continue looking for someone else.