What is meant by “pubic hair spreading to the inner thighs”?



I am 15 years old. I usually get between Tanner 4.5-4.7 on the calculator. However, I am slightly confused by the pubic hair questions. My pubic hair has begun to spread to my inner thigh, but the inner thigh hair only goes from the top of my pubic hair to the top of where the scrotum begins, which is roughly the base of my penis and it stops there. It does not travel below my scrotum.

In terms of the line between my belly button and pubic hair, it is straight, and not as dark as my pubic hair itself. There are a couple of inches of space between the top of my pubic hair and the belly button hair.

Would you say I should select the final stage on the pubic hair calculator (i.e. hair spreads across my thigh and underneath my scrotum) or am I better off choosing the hair before? (‘Fold to fold, thick and curly).

Many thanks.


“Inner thigh” refers to the section of your thighs that touch when you put your legs together. It is, by definition, below the base of your penis. It sounds to me that you are describing your upper thighs. You don’t have inner thigh hair yet so pick the answer before it.

The line of hair on the lower stomach can have different looks on different guys. As far as determining the stage, the calculator just needs to know that it is there and that the hair is terminal (colored) and not vellus hair.