What is the best way to hide an erection?

Last updated on September 5, 2020


Hello sir,

I’m 13 years old and I have some questions for you regarding my body:

  1. When erect my penis is about 4 inches, is this normal?
  2. Recently I’ve been having lots of sexual thoughts and after reading your book decided to masturbate. When doing so this kind of clear sticky substance came out of my penis? Is this semen and if so isn’t it supposed to be white?
  3. Is masturbating wrong in God’s eyes. If not, is there a “Christian” way to masturbate?
  4. Is it possible to feel sperm inside your scrotum? I felt something in there that’s not my testes.
  5. Lastly, is it OK to want to have sex constantly and get a lot (like 15) erection a day? What’s the best way to hide an erection?

Thank you very much.


Pre-ejaculate fluid (precum)
  1. The normal range for an adult penis is between 3 and 8 inches. The average is 5.2 inches [http://www.bjuinternational.com/bjui-blog/normal-review-analyzes-data-flaccid-erect-penis-lengths-men/]. You are perfectly within the normal range for someone who is still growing.
  2. What came out was pre-ejaculate fluid or pre-cum in slang. This fluid is clear and slick feeling as compared to semen which is milky white or slightly yellowish in color and sticky. The pre-ejaculate is produced by your Cowper’s glands to clear out the tube in your penis in preparation for ejaculation. It also provides a small amount of lubrication for the end of the penis. Whenever you get aroused, the Cowper’s glands start producing the pre-ejaculate, even if you are not ready or able to have an actual ejaculation.
  3. See: I’m still confused about masturbation. Is it right or wrong?
  4. You cannot feel sperm. Sperm cells are tiny. A half-million cells can fit in a drop the size of a head of a pin. Besides, sperm doesn’t float free in your scrotum. In your scrotum are your testicles. On the top backside of each testicle is the epididymis which feels like a soft bulge. You also have blood vessels and fluid-filled sacs. The fluid is what provides some protection against mild impacts.
  5. Having many erections per day is called spontaneous erections. This is an annoyance when you first gain the ability to have erections. See I am getting very horny nowadays and I get almost 15-20 erections a day! What should I do? Just because you have an erection, it does not mean you want or need to have sex. However, the desire for sex is present and will be increasing over the next few years. Getting used to it being present and controlling it is a part of being male.

    While you notice your erections because you feel them, others won’t see them as readily. Pants of heavy material, such as blue jeans, keep the penis from sticking out as much, but depending on the direction of the erection it can be uncomfortable at the same time. Loose shirts that hang down do cover most erections. You can also do some things when you are dressing, such as pointing your penis upwards when you put on your underwear or pointing it down toward one leg when you are sitting so that an erection doesn’t push your pants outward. It won’t always work, but if you keep one front pocket empty, you can quietly reach in and move your penis to the side when an erection occurs so it is not so noticeable. At worse, you can make a quick trip to the restroom to make an adjustment.