What is the difference between Stage 3 and Stage 4 pubic hair?

Last updated on February 18, 2023


What is the difference between pubic hair distribution in tanner stage 3 and tanner stage 4? how do I know which one I have?


During stage 3, your pubic hair grows from just being near the base of your penis to filling out the area of your groin from thigh to thigh. In early stage 3, the hair may be lighter in color and tends to be straight. As stage 3 progresses, the hair darkens and becomes more curly. As the hair first comes in, it isn’t really dense, but it thickens as the stage progresses.

Early stage 3
Late stage 3

During stage 4, hair begins to form on the lower stomach, generally seen as a strip of hair that goes from the groin to your belly button. Like other hair, the hair starts out lighter in color and darkens as the stage progresses. The pubic hair becomes more curly and fills out the groin from thigh to thigh. At the same time, hair is developing on the thighs.

Lower Stomach Hair (“Happy Trail”)
Stage 4