What is this white blister on the inside of my lip?

Last updated on October 11, 2020


Hi there,

Just yesterday I found this white blister like thing in my mouth. I am very concerned. I have a epicure of it. Please tell me if this is normal or if it is something serious.

Many thanks.


What you have is referred to as a “cold sore.” Typically what happens is that you scratch the inside of your lip or gums with your toothbrush or your tooth. This allows a virus to get under the skin. You can also get it from sharing drinks or food with someone who has a cold sore, kissing, or other things that allow the virus to spread from one person to another.

While the sore is bothersome and can be painful, it does go away on its own. You can speed up the healing process. One that I found works rapidly is a drop of lavender oil on your finger and then applied to the sore. Lavender tastes awful, so keep your tongue away. It doesn’t take much. Yogurt is also supposed to help, but I’ve had mixed results.


Thank you for your prompt response. I was getting worried I have oral cancer or something like that.

Thanks man.