What order do things happen in stage 4?

Last updated on September 1, 2020


What happens in stage 4 of puberty in order? What happens first and what happens after, or is it different with everybody? Can you please tell me? How much more do most people grow during stage 4? How much, approximately, does the penis grow in length during stage 4?


There is an order with the different parts of the body. For example, there is an order to how the hair grows around your genitals or on your face. But between the parts, the order is less precise and varies between individuals. That is why the Tanner Stage Calculator asks about various sequences of development to try and estimate what stage you are in. What you can do is answer the questions about where you are at, and then then next description is what you can expect to come next in your development. You can read a description of what typically happens in stage 4 here.

There is no set amount that the penis grows. Most of your length is gained in stage 3 and during stage 4 the penis mostly gets bigger around.

In stage 4, most boys grow another 1 to 3 inches in height.