What’s your stance on homosexuality?

Last updated on September 18, 2020


What’s your stance on homosexuality? I believe it’s a choice or God wouldn’t have condemned people for it. God can’t be OK with it nowadays because He said He’s an unchanging God. What’s your stance on this. I have HOCD and am curious.


This is an answer I gave to a 16-year-old girl about homosexuality: Don’t you dare change my mind, but why is homosexuality bad? Also see: Can a person be born gay?

I’m not a fan of modern psychology. There is too much guess-work involved and most are focused on getting people comfortable with their choices instead of making better choices. That you as a young male are compulsive and find yourself obsessed with certain topics is just not unusual. It is a side-effect of the brain rewiring itself for adult-like thinking. Not that it is good to be obsessed or compulsive, but I would rather see that you work through the issues and come to terms with them.