When do sideburns become noticeable?

Last updated on April 24, 2024


When do sideburns and chin hair start to become noticeable? Do they become noticeable around the middle of stage 4 or toward the end of stage 4? I know some people don’t grow much facial hair, but I have good beard genetics, so when can I expect them to become noticeable? Right now, I have around 50 hairs below my chin that are not long, and my sideburns have started extending downward.


Sideburns and chin hair generally start developing during stage 4, but for some men, sideburns don’t really come in strongly until stage 5. Any individual feature can change at various times, coming earlier for some males and later for other males. Thus, there isn’t a single right answer, but for most guys, it will be around the middle to later part of stage 4.