When do you get body hair?


In what tanner stage do you get hair all over your body?

I’m in tanner stage 3.8, but I have little body hair everywhere except a lot in my pubic area. My dad has a lot of body hair so I’m wondering when I will get more body hair.


Generally, body hair starts with the lower legs, upper thighs, and then forearms. These usually start in stage 3, though they can start as early as late stage 2 or not until stage 4. The next series of changes involve the lower stomach and buttocks. These usually start in stage 4. Then comes chest and lower back hair that typically appear in late stage 4 or early stage 5. But even into adulthood, the hair continues to develop, leading to hair on the upper arms, shoulders, and upper back.

Individually, there are always exceptions. I knew one boy who first noticed that he was changing because he had a patch of hair developing on his upper back. There are also lineages where the men have almost no body hair.