When I slid my foreskin back when I’m erect, it is tight and cannot slide back up

Last updated on September 6, 2020


I am able to pull back my foreskin while my penis is flaccid. Also, I am able to pull it when it is erect, but I have to do that with my hand and the inner skin forms a ring around the head which is tight and cannot be pulled back. I have to use my hands to pull the foreskin back into place. I am worried that while having intercourse this ring will not stretch. I am confused.


The opening on your foreskin is just slightly tight. What you describe will not interfere with sex. What you will do is simply unsheathe your penis once you are fully erect. It will stay unsheathed while you are having intercourse with your wife and later when your penis returns to flaccid it will roll back up on its own or you can pull it back up into place.


Thank you, sir.