When should you masturbate?

Last updated on September 27, 2020


When should you masturbate? Is it a sin for me to masturbate when I get an erection or should I do it when the urge is very strong? I feel very happy after I masturbate, so is it wrong to do it every day, even if the urge is not very strong?


Yes, ejaculating feels good. For that matter, so does eating. But if you eat every time the thought crossed your mind, you would soon be too big to move. We realize there has to be self-control when it comes to eating and the same is true with ejaculating.

You masturbate when the urge is strong. Erections happen all the time, so they are not an indication that you need to do anything about it. There are going to be periods when the urge to ejaculate is strong and comes frequently, but most of the time it should be every few days or so. It isn’t wrong to masturbate daily if that is what you need at the time, but you should not be chasing after pleasure.