When will I be able to ejaculate like my friend?

Last updated on October 4, 2020



I am 13 years old. I masturbate daily, and most of the time nothing comes out. I started puberty about a month before I was 13. When the pre-ejaculate comes out, only a drop comes out.

When will I start to get a real actual ejaculation? I would rather die than ask my parents. Is it normal to not ejaculate at my age? Because when I masturbate with my friend, he ejaculates so much, and I don’t at all. He is the same age as me. Will I ever be able to have kids?

Please help me!


Age and stage of development are only roughly related. Two guys can be the same age and be in different stages of development.

About half of all guys gain the ability to ejaculate in stage 2 and the rest gain it in stage 4 of development. Since you just started seeing signs of development less than a year ago, I’m guessing you are in stage 2. Whether your seminal vesicles (the glands that produce semen) will mature now or in stage 4 is something that would be hard to guess. You’ll just have to wait for your body to get to that point.

Will you be able to have kids? Very likely, just not tomorrow. But then you aren’t ready to become a husband and father tomorrow.

There is no reason for you to be masturbating. It serves no purpose. Doing it won’t cause you to gain the ability to ejaculate semen sooner.  Just wait until your body tells you you need to ejaculate.

Masturbating with your friend is something that is not right. You are using each other for visual sexual stimulation. See: Is masturbating in the presence of another male a sin?