When will I ejaculate semen?

Last updated on September 6, 2020


I am 13 years old and still haven’t ejaculated. I have thin, dark, curly hair around my penis. Whenever I masturbate, clear liquid drips out. Is this normal? When will I ejaculate semen?


It is a wild guess, but it sounds like you might be in stage two of development. See the Tanner Stage Calculator in order to get a better estimate.

Pre-ejaculate fluid (precum)

About half of all boys develop the ability to ejaculate semen in stage two and the other gains the ability in stage four. You will start ejaculating once all the various glands get mature enough to do their functions. The clear liquid you are seeing is pre-ejaculate fluid from your Cowpers glands. The purpose of the fluid is to clear the urethra of any leftover urine and to “grease” the tube prior to ejaculating. See Your Body for more information.