When will I get to stage 3 of development?

Last updated on October 9, 2020


Hi I’m a twelve year old boy, who masturbates 2-3 times a day, I haven’t hit my growth spurt. I’m like 5’3 or 5’2 and my penis is 3.4 inch when soft and 4.1 inch when erected. My penis also curves off to the left and all my pubes are gray. My balls have large gray pubes but around the base of my penis there a lot, but they are small. When I masturbate I don’t ejaculate but get a tingling sensation when I do it. I can cum but it dribbles out.

  1. What stage of puberty I’m I at?
  2. When will I get my growth spurt?
  3. Why are my pubes gray?
  4. When will my pubes change color and get bigger?
  5. Is my penis the average size? Will my penis get bigger?
  6. Why does my penis curve to the left?
  7. Will my penis grow straight out rather than to the left a bit?
  8. When will I be able to ejaculate?
  9. What is the tingling sensation I get?



You are in stage 2 of development from what I can guess without seeing you. You are probably in the middle or toward the end of that stage, so you should be seeing a growth spurt in the next one to two years.

Your pubic hair starts out as vellus hair, which is pale, thin, and doesn’t have much color. I assume you have black hair, so your vellus hair looks grayish on you. The vellus hair first gets long, then thickens, and then takes on a color. It will take about six months for your hair to take on color. Hair only grows at a general rate of half an inch per month.

Your penis gets longer the same time you have your growth during stage 3. It will get bigger during stage 4. Each stage lasts about two years, so it will be a while.

In your penis, there are three chambers that fill up with blood when you have an erection. If those three chambers are not exactly the same, and few guys are exactly symmetrical, there will be a slight bend. Bends less than 20 degrees is considered normal.

Guys tend to develop the ability to ejaculate semen between stage 2 and stage 4. Much depends on when your seminal vesicles, which make your semen, finish developing. Right now, your Cowpers glands are functioning and it is that clear fluid, called pre-ejaculate fluid, that you are seeing dribbling out after you masturbate. I suspect that since you already have pre-ejaculate fluid that you will be seeing semen soon.

The tingling feeling that you have when you masturbate is called orgasm. It is accompanied by muscles squeezing down on your ejaculatory duct. Once you are producing semen, you will see it squirt out when you have an orgasm. Since you are not producing semen, there is no need to be masturbating so often. I suspect you are doing it simply because it feels good, but that can lead to temptations to sin in your effort to chase after that pleasant feeling. If you feel the need to ejaculate, then that is when you should do it. May I suggest cutting down to once a day for right now?