When will I have facial hair and when will my penis grow in width?

Last updated on August 28, 2023


Hey man,

I hope you doing well. I’m 16 years old, 183 cm (6’0) tall, and 71 kg (157 lb) in weight. I’m at Tanner Stage 4.4. My penis is 17 cm (6.7 inches) long but the girth has not grown yet. It’s only 11.3 cm (4.5 inches) in girth. My testicle volume is about 25 ml. I still don’t have chest hair. I just have 5 or 6 terminal hairs around my nipples and I have one hair in my chest.

I want to know when will I have facial hair that looks OK and when will my penis grow in width?


From your information, I would have placed you closer to Tanner Stage 5 than 4.4

The average man’s erect penis is 13.3 cm (5.25 inches) long. You are well above average. The average circumference when fully erect is 11.5 cm (4.6 inches). Thus, you are just barely below average in girth. Therefore, you already have a full-size penis. It is only because you have a longer-than-average length that you think your girth is too small. It isn’t small at all. You might gain a small amount more in girth, but I would not expect much, if any.

Facial hair often doesn’t finish forming until a year or two after reaching stage 5. Thus, it might not be until you are 18 that you will be able to grow a nice-looking beard.