When will I have penile growth and sperm production?

Last updated on July 10, 2024


I’m nearly 14 years old. My penis hasn’t seemed to grow at all. My pubes have grown slightly. My nipples recently have become sensitive and tender. My only dark-pigmented hairs are my groin hair. My armpit hairs are very light. My body odor has been worse lately. I have ejaculated but only pre cum. I was wondering if there’s an estimate of how long until I will have penile growth and sperm production.


Based on your description, I would guess that you are in late stage 2 or very early stage 3. However, remember that I can’t see you, so all I have to go on is your description. What do you get from the Development Stage Calculator?

Pre-cum isn’t ejaculated. It is manufactured by glands that are past the ejaculatory duct. Pre-ejaculate fluid dribbles out. Semen is shot out. If what you are ejaculating is clear, it means that your seminal vesicles are not fully functional yet or your body hasn’t mastered the mixing of the chemicals yet. The seminal vesicles produce a sugary fluid that is usually milky in color. There still can be sperm present in your ejaculations, even if it is clear, but sperm cells are so small that you need a microscope to see them.

Your penis grows in length mostly during your rapid growth period, which is during stage 3 of development. If you are in late stage 2, then this will happen within the next year.