When will I look mature?



I’m 14 years old, and my tanner stage is 3.4. I also did the peak height velocity calculation, and my PVH is at 14.6. I’m 64 inches tall, and my half-height is 32. My penis is 4.5 inches long when erect and about 2.5 inches long when flaccid. My pubic hair is straight and downy, but on the base of my penis, there is a lot of curly terminal hair that is starting to spread to the pubic area.

  • Is my penis length normal for my maturity?
  • When will I lose my childlike physique? I’m going to high school, and I look like an 11-year-old with a baby face.
  • My predicted adult height is 71.5. Do you think this is accurate?


The average adult male’s penis is 5.2 inches in length when erect. The normal range is from 3 to 8 inches in length. Therefore, you are well within the normal range and you haven’t finished growing yet. It is during stage 3 that most of the length is gained in the penis and you are only halfway through that stage.

Most of the facial changes that people associate with maturity take place during stage 4 so you still have another two years to wait. It is also in stage 4 that your physical proportions will start to look more like an adult male.

I don’t have nearly enough information to predict your adult height. However, you are still in stage 3 and are growing rapidly. Adding another six inches in this stage would definitely be possible and then adding another 1.5 inches in stage 4 is also within the realm of possibility.