When will my voice stop changing?

Last updated on May 27, 2023



I’ve been wondering when my voice will stop changing. So far, my voice is distinctly deeper than it was in childhood, though it’s still recognizable. I started to notice voice cracks several months after turning 13. By 14, my voice was a bit deeper, though a little bit less deep than it is now. For a while now, it’s been changing pitch slightly throughout the day. I’ve heard before that on average adult pitch is reached at 15. Do you think at 15, my voice will have reached its adult pitch?

I know that usually, the voice starts changing during stage 4, though it seems like that and some other things that are supposed to come in stage 4 I already have now. I already have some hair on my stomach, and even a small amount on my lower back. In fact, I even have a tiny amount of hair on my upper arms, which usually isn’t even noticed until after stage 5 is reached. Is all of this normal?

One last thing, I measured myself yesterday, and I’m just about 3 inches taller than I was exactly 1 year ago. You said I was on the edge of stages 3 and 4, which I agree with. Would my growth rate also match up with that? By the way, sorry for asking so many questions lately, I’m just curious.


Your voice will likely continue to deepen through stage 4, or at least through the middle of stage 4.

Your rate of growth for last year puts you in stage 3, but it isn’t as fast as it once was. I suspect that this year you will find yourself continuing to grow slower. Everything points to you being in the transition from stage 3 to stage 4.