Why am I still constantly hungry?



I have an appetite where I am constantly hungry and it bothers me. I am a teenager and I am very athletic but the problem is that since I had my growth spurt at 13-14 my appetite has been going crazy. I am not seeing any more growth. My puberty tanner stage is a 4.0 which tells me my growth rate is over and I should not be eating 4 times a day with snacks in between. I am not seeing any weight changes. I go back to my normal size every morning I wake up. I have an ectomorphic body type [ 5’9 113lbs] and I exercise every morning. I only do 40 situps but does this affect my appetite?


While you are not growing as rapidly in height, you are still growing. Many of the changes in stage 4 are internal, but you will also be gaining more muscle mass. Those changes still require additional energy. As you get closer to stage 5, your appetite will start to decrease.

Being athletic is good for you. Yes, as an athlete you do consume more food than a sedentary person, but it probably isn’t the major contributor to your current appetite. As long as your body fat remains low, everything is fine.