Why am I stuck in stage 2 or early stage 3?

Last updated on February 1, 2022


Hello sir,

I am 15. I think I’m in stage 2-3 of puberty. The calculator said 3.3 but I’m not sure because I’m not having a growth spurt and my penis isn’t growing. I’m only 5’1 and my penis is 3.5 inches erect. My testicles also don’t hang much and are probably about 6 ml. However, I’ve had some pubic hair and armpit hair since I was 12-13 with not really any other changes. I feel like I’m stuck in this stage and not progressing further into puberty like everyone else. I only grew an inch last year. It sucks because there are people younger than me who are zooming through all the stages, but I’ve been stuck in the same stage for 3 years. Am I normal?


Pubic hair tends to show up in the middle to last half of stage 2. Armpit hair tends to show up in stage 3. A growth spurt tends to happen somewhere around the middle of stage 3. Your testicle size also indicates late stage 2. If you had your pubic hair show up right around 13, I would expect you to be in the middle of stage 3 at age 15, which is what the Tanner Stage Calculator indicates. Thus, I would guess you would see your growth spurt going in the next few months.

You are going slower than many boys, but you haven’t gotten to the point of being unusually slow. Of course, I can’t see you and take note of all the various changes. If there is something off, it would be something you should discuss with your doctor. If your doctor suspects something is off, he can order tests to figure out why.


Thank you for the response.

I began getting pubic hair around 12, and armpit hair around 13. The hair is quite thick and curly but doesn’t spread out all that far. As far as other changes I have a slight peach fuzz mustache, and I have body odor. I can also produce precum but no real semen. My voice has changed a little bit but it hasn’t deepened much yet.

I don’t really want to have to see a doctor, to be honest. It would be really embarrassing for me. My parents also say that I’m fine and there are lots of late bloomers in my family. So I think I’ll just have to wait.


The only other thing I thought of is that some medications have, as a side-effect, a delay in adolescent development. I don’t know if you are taking any of those types of medications or not.

You aren’t a late bloomer. Late bloomers don’t show signs of any development until age 14 or later. You have made progress, but it hasn’t been at the usual speed.