Why are my armpits starting to itch?

Last updated on August 31, 2020


Why are my armpits starting to itch? My hair is getting darker, but it is itching too bad.


When hair first starts pushing through the skin, it itches. In part, it is because the length of the hair is short, so the least movement of the hairs tug on the skin, making it itch. As the hairs get longer, they have more flexibility and thus don’t pull on the skin as much.

You have new hairs growing in your armpits, but they are short at the moment and, thus, itchy. That will fade in while when the hairs get longer.

You are going to experience the same thing when you start shaving. Having a clean-shaven face or a beard doesn’t itch, but starting to grow a bread is very itchy for a while.

Now if you can refrain from itching for a while, look in a mirror and see if there is any redness or bumps. It is possible that you are allergic to the deodorant or antiperspirant you are using. Try washing your armpits with soap and water, making sure you rinse thoroughly before you go to bed at night, and don’t put anything back on. In the morning take note of whether you are itching as much. If you aren’t, try switching to a different brand of deodorant.

If the itching is worse after doing sports, it might be due to chaffing from your arms swinging back and forth. Sweating heavily can make that worse. Wash well after exercising and dry yourself thoroughly. Put a little hand lotion on any red areas to help promote healing. You can also put lotion on the areas before working out to prevent chaffing from happening.


Thank you for the tips.