Why can’t I ejaculate or have pre-cum?

Last updated on October 7, 2020



I first got pubic hair about a year and a half ago and my scrotum is darker. I don’t have any armpit hair yet and I haven’t had a growth spurt. However, I still can’t ejaculate or pre-cum. Not even a drop comes out. I saw that it usually only takes a year to be able to cum. Is this normal? Should I check with a doctor?



As you describe yourself, you are in stage 2 of development. Some boys gain the ability to ejaculate during stage 2, but others don’t gain the ability until they are in stage 4. It all depends on the order your body schedules your development. I can’t predict which it will be for you, only that it will come when all your glands are mature enough to function. There is no need at this time to see a doctor about it because what you are experiencing is well within the range of normal, even if it isn’t fast enough for you.