Why did semen come out after I peed?

Last updated on October 7, 2020


I ejaculated about five hours earlier. I just went pee and after I was done a little bit of sperm came out. Is that normal?


It is not unusual. Have you ever used a water hose? When you turn off the water, there is still water in the hose because the source of pressure for moving the water was at the far end of the hose. The same thing happens in your body. When you pee, you have to wait a few moments after you empty your bladder for the last of the urine to trickle out. There is actually a reflective muscle contraction that helps encourage the last of the urine to exit your penis. When you ejaculate, not all the semen exits, but since it is thicker, it can’t flow out like urine. Thus, the next time you pee any leftovers in your urinary tract are flushed out.

What also sometimes happens is that when you pee after being sexually aroused, the act of urinating with your penis out triggers your Cowper’s glands to start producing pre-ejaculate fluid again.  You don’t notice it while you are peeing because the urine waters it down, but when the urine stops, the pre-ejaculate fluid continues for a while.