Why do a lot of my friends have veins show up on their arms?


Why do a lot of my friends have veins show up without them flexing? Is this puberty related and in what stage does this happen? I can only see a little vein pop out when I flex.


Everyone has veins, but you can see some guy’s veins bulging easier than others.

  • When you are growing, your skin thins as it stretches to cover your larger body. That makes it easier to see structures under the skin, such as muscles and veins. This is especially true during stage 3.
  • The amount of body fat will so determine how easily you see your veins. The more body fat you have the more the veins are hidden in the fat. During stages 3 and 4, guys tend to slim down and their veins are easier to see.
  • When a guy works out a lot, the body adjusts to deliver more blood to the muscles, which means larger veins are needed to take the used blood back to the heart and lungs.
  • When you get hot, more blood is circulated near the surface of the skin to cool you off. Teenage boys tend to be warmer than adults because their growth produces excess heat.