Why do I feel like I did something wrong by ejaculating?

Last updated on November 13, 2022


I feel like every time I try to have a wet dream and think about the fact that I ejaculated that I did something wrong. Why? Is not about the wet dream, it’s about ejaculating itself. Even if I think about it, I feel guilty. 


Morality (right and wrong) is not based on personal feelings. There are people who feel horrible for stepping on a spider and other people who think nothing about it. Right or wrong doesn’t shift from person to person. If it did then there would be anarchy as everyone did whatever they felt like doing. Therefore, morality must be based on something outside of the individual. As Christians, we recognize that right and wrong are established by God and are recorded in the Bible. Thus, you would need to show what teaching in the Bible is being violated by your ejaculating due to a wet dream.

Many sins are done because it makes the person feel good. Some people reverse this and assume that if something makes me feel good, then it must be wrong. However, this is an error in logic. If I am hungry, eating feels good. This doesn’t mean it is a sin to eat. In the same way, when you have produced as much semen as your body can hold, ejaculating feels good. It doesn’t mean you sinned.

Some people don’t understand the purpose of ejaculation. True, most realize that ejaculating semen is a part of sex and that it will lead to getting your wife pregnant. However, the male body, after puberty, constantly produces semen. The glands that produce the fluid (the seminal vesicles) have limited storage capacity. Thus, as the seminal vesicles get full, your desire for sex rises. This leads you to have a wet dream while you sleep and that reduces the amount of semen in the seminal vesicles. Eventually, they fill up again and the cycle repeats. In other words, this is how God made you function. God doesn’t cause you to sin.

Sometimes people think that if you ejaculate that you are somehow stealing from your future wife. However, there is nothing stolen. Since you constantly produce semen, you can’t use it all up (except temporarily). You will always have semen available and be able to bring pleasure to your wife.

Therefore, since your feelings about a matter don’t determine guilt, then either your feelings are wrong (which is very common – Proverbs 28:26) or you think you are violating some law.


What do you recommend I do to get over it?


Listen to your reason instead of your emotions.