Why do I get aroused seeing my penis?

Last updated on September 26, 2020


I was wondering about a few things. First off, I haven’t masturbated in about five days, but when I go pee there is a semen-like substance on my penis. It is clear but sticky.

Also, I know that I am not gay, but I do find myself getting sexually aroused looking at my own body and penis. For some reason, I get more aroused looking at a flaccid penis than erect. I am by no means a buff guy and I have a normal penis size for a male. So why do I get attracted to my own body?


There are three fluids produced by the male body that comes from the penis: urine, semen, and pre-ejaculate fluid. You are seeing pre-ejaculate fluid, which is clear, somewhat sticky, and slick when rubbed between the fingers. It is produced by your body whenever you are heavily aroused to flush out the tube in your penis and to lubricate it prior to ejaculating.

Arousal comes for a variety of reasons. Seeing yourself naked or exposed and realizing that there is a potential for sexual activity can cause an arousal. It has nothing to do with homosexuality.