Why do I get wet stuff in my pajamas at night sometimes?

Last updated on October 11, 2020



I found this site somehow. I have questions about stuff. I get wet stuff at night. Sometimes at night when I sleep, I feel it in my pajamas and undershorts. How do I make this stop? I thought I wet myself at first but it is not that. It doesn’t happen often, about every couple weeks maybe, and it can be a lot. It usually makes me wake up and wonder why it happened, and my wiener is sticking out.

This site is cool and helps me understand my body a little more. My family does not talk about this stuff with me, and it is embarrassing!

I started noticing a little hair down there a couple of months ago. It is not much yet, so I am still more like a boy in regards to that.

Thank you if you answer me.


What you are experiencing is called a wet dream. You’ve reached the point in your development where you are producing semen. Semen is what a guy ejaculates when having sex with his wife that can lead to her getting pregnant.

There are two glands inside of you, just underneath your bladder, that produce the semen continuously. They are called the seminal vesicles. The amount they produce will vary, but they are always producing semen. The problem is that there is limited storage for the semen in your seminal vesicles. Thus, as the glands get full, signals are sent out that raise your sexual desire. You might notice that sexual thoughts start intruding just before you have a wet dream. At some point, you release semen in your sleep and the cycle starts again with the seminal vesicles filling back up again.

Your body will continue to produce semen for the rest of your life. You can’t stop the release of semen because otherwise, your glands would burst from being too full. Later in life, when you are having sex with your wife, you won’t have wet dreams often because the sex will keep your seminal vesicles not as full. But until that time, this is just one of those things guys have to deal with.

When you find out that you ejaculated in your sleep, take off your pajamas and underwear and put them in the hamper to be washed. Use a damp washcloth to wipe the semen off yourself and put on clean underwear.