Why do I yawn when I pray?


For some reason, whenever I pray I keep on yawning. Generally, I do not yawn throughout the day. But if I pray, I yawn upwards of five times in a row. Does this have something to do with the body?


The short answer would be: “No one knows.” While yawning is common in people and animals, there hasn’t been a firm finding as to what purpose it serves or what exactly triggers yawns. We know that people yawn more as they relax and become sleepy. We also know people yawn more when they see others yawning. It is also known that if someone is dehydrated, they tend to yawn more.

Thus, I would guess that you relax when you pray (which is a good thing) and since your eyes are closed you start entering a sleep stage. If you are in a private setting, try a different position or pray with your eyes open looking up. If you are listening to someone else pray, focus on the words the person is saying and silently add your own additions to his prayers. This way, you stay actively involved.