Why do my cousin and I have the same halfway point when we are of different ages and size?


On your 1/2 of height test in your calculator, my cousin, who is almost 8, and I, who am almost 14, got the same result. My cousin is 4’7 and I am 5’4. He hasn’t hit puberty yet. He looks like a normal 8-year-old. We both had the halfway point at the “At or near the base of our penis”. How come we have the same halfway point in our bodies? We did it with clothes on and we did it with clothes off when we were using the restroom without seeing each other. It was accurate that we had the same halfway point. What does this mean?


The idea of the halfway point is based on rules for artists when drawing people in the correct proportions.

Da Vinic did a famous drawing of the ideal adult male. The base of the penis is the center when standing straight up, while the navel becomes the center when the feet are spread shoulder-width apart. However, this is for an “ideal” man. Few men are truly perfectly proportioned.

For children, these proportions change. It is one of the reasons you can just look at a child and roughly know how old he is. The chart below shows a typical drawing scale. On each figure, the “+” shows the halfway point. Notice that for a small child the halfway point is at the navel and as he grows, it gets lower. Just before puberty, it is at the penis. During the growth spurt (stage 3), it goes below the penis because the legs get longer first. Then in stage 4, the trunk grows longer bringing the halfway point back up to near the center.

Thus, it just means your cousin is approaching puberty soon.