Why do some males not have the ability to reproduce?

Last updated on August 21, 2020


Why do some males not have the ability to reproduce?


The ability to reproduce requires the ability to deliver active sperm to your wife. There are a large number of reasons why a man’s reproductive system isn’t function. I’ll cover just a few:

  • Before a boy is born, his testicles are inside his abdomen, they drop down into scrotum just before birth — or more probably, they should. Sometimes it doesn’t happen and if not caught soon, the testicle is damaged so that it doesn’t produce sperm as it ought to.
  • Physical blows to the groin can damage the testicles as well, or cause scar tissue to form in the tubes that deliver sperm to be ejaculated. These blockages keep sperm from being delivered.
  • Excessive heat damages sperm, killing them before they leave the body. It has been known for a long while that men who work in hot environments are less fertile than other men.
  • Hormone problems can keep a man’s sperm from being active even though there are plenty in quantity.

When there is suspicion that a man is infertile, the doctor has a sample of his semen examined under a microscope. The sample is rated on two factors: the number of sperm in the sample and their mobility, that is how many of those sperm cells are actually active.