Why does it feel slightly painful to touch my glans?



In your book, you say when your glans gets the slightest touch, it feels extremely pleasurable. But for me it doesn’t feel pleasurable; in fact, it feels slightly painful. Why is this?

Also, why can I urinate while I’m erect?


I assume you are uncircumcised. Because of this, your foreskin protects your glans from being touched. Therefore, when you unsheathe your glans and touch it, the feedback is too much. It is getting overstimulated and that is perceived as pain in your body.

The solve this problem:

  1. Use a lighter touch initially. Eventually, you will build up tolerance.
  2. Use a lotion. The lotion will create a barrier that will ease the tactile sense of your glans.
  3. Practice exposing your glans frequently when you are in the bathroom, taking a shower, or in bed.

At first, you will find it uncomfortable, but over time you will get used to the feelings and your sensitivity will decrease.

In regards to urinating while erect, there are always exceptions to any rule, but I suspect that when you need to pee, you are able to switch from “arousal mode” to “normal mode” fairly quickly internally, but it takes a bit for the erection to deflate. Thus, you can send out urine before your penis fully loses its erection.


Thank you, Jeffrey.