Why does my glans sometimes feel slimy in the morning?

Last updated on July 1, 2023


Sometimes when I wake up my penis glans feels slimy to the touch. What is it?


When you are sexually aroused, your Cowper’s glands produce pre-ejaculate fluid, which is a slick, clear fluid. The purpose of the fluid is to clear out your urethra (the tube in your penis) of any leftover urine and to lubricate the tube in preparation for ejaculating semen. The Cowper’s glands produce the pre-ejaculate fluid for as long as you are aroused, so it will eventually overflow the urethra and drip out. It is this fluid that you are noticing when you wake up in the morning.

Most likely, you have been having erotic dreams, which are common for boys. Your body becomes aroused while you are asleep. For most males, it does this four or five times a night and the last one is often just before you wake up. This is also why you wake up with a strong erection many times. My guess is that your Cowper’s glands have just recently become mature enough to start producing pre-ejaculate fluid. If you haven’t started ejaculating, that will likely start soon as well.