Why does my penis twist to the side and hurts when I get erect?

Last updated on September 21, 2020


My penis is twisted to the left. When flacid or erect. It is sideways. This is bothering me when I have erections or I pee. I think the left vessel of my penis is not fully filled with blood when erect, so it makes my penis twist. Is there any massages that I can try? Please, is there anything I can do, other than surgery? I want to straighten it not because my self-esteem but because it bothers me whenever I use my penis.

And all the time when my penis erects when wearing pants the tip of my penis starts to rub against the left side of my pants and it hurts so much.


Whether the twist to the left is a problem depends on whether you are talking about an actual bend in the penis shaft or just that it naturally lays toward the left. If there is an actual bend, then the question is how severe of a bend? Is it a ninety-degree bend, like a capital letter “L” or is a milder 20-degree bend? Finally, is this something that just recently started? Or has it been this way for a while?

Sorry for all the questions, but these details are needed so I know what is wrong. Then I can discuss what needs to be done.

I assume that you are uncircumcised, so when you get an erection the glans and inside of your foreskin rubs against your clothing. Since you aren’t used to them being touched, and they are very sensitive, you are perceiving this as pain. Eventually, you’ll get used to the sensation and it won’t be painful but in the meantime make sure you wear underwear since that material is softer than the material for pants. Or you may need to switch the type of underwear or the material it is made from to find one that is more comfortable. You will probably find cotton or satin materials less irritating. Another consideration is to wear looser clothing and boxers so that they don’t rub against your penis as much.