Why doesn’t my scrotum shrink and unshrink?


Sir, good evening,

When my testicles are hanging down, I am unable to actively cause them to shrink or unshrink. Also, my erections are not strong. How do I overcome these problems and get back to normal?

With regards.


Your scrotum, the bag that your testicles are in, changes size based on temperature and activity. When you are cold, your scrotum pulls your testicles up toward your body to keep your testicles warm. This also reduces the surface area of the scrotum, which also keeps the testicles warmer. When you are hot, your scrotum hands down to allow more air to flow around your testicles to keep them cooler. Hanging down gives more surface area to the scrotum which allows it to radiate more heat.

When you are active, your scrotum also draws up, but in this case, it is a defensive move to protect your testicles from getting knocked around.

There is a myth that is common in India that the testicles have to draw up in order for a man to have sex. It is just a myth. Whether your testicles hang or draw up, they function exactly the same.

If your erections are not as strong, try not to ejaculate for a few days. This will raise your arousal level and cause you to have stronger erections.