Why haven’t I developed any underarm hair?

Last updated on September 1, 2020


I am 15 and about 6 foot even. I am very curious about my signs of growth. Like the height is all there and the muscle and the form in my body are coming along too. I have a little facial hair under my nose and starting to grow a little under my lip, but I am very curious about my penis and underarms. I don’t have any underarm hair and I feel embarrassed about it. With my penis, I have dark hair and it’s long and curly. It’s on the sides and some on my nuts but not a lot. My penis is average but skinny when soft, but when hard it gets a little wider and very long. Yes, I can cum. I am able to produce babies but why isn’t my penis getting larger in size? And as for my underarms, there’s no hair. That’s about all. Everything else is great. I have a deep voice and all. I just need help with the other two, if you could give me some tips and information on how to help, then it would be great.


It sounds like you are in the early part of stage 4. It is during this stage that the penis gets wider and underarm and facial hair develop. You just need to be patient and let your body grow at its own pace.