Why is my penis dripping pre-ejaculate fluid when I’m not touching it?

Last updated on November 22, 2022


Whenever I’m taking a shower and get out, there’s pre-ejaculate for some reason. I don’t even touch my penis, I just clean around it. It’s like it’s doing this by itself. Do you have any idea why?


Pre-ejaculate fluid is produced by the Cowper’s Glands in your body. These glands turn on the production of pre-ejaculate fluid whenever you are aroused. Touching can obviously arouse a guy, but so can thoughts. You don’t need to be touching your penis to get aroused. On top of this, while your hands may not have been stroking your penis, the water from the shower was touching your penis and that can cause enough arousal to get you to start dripping. It is normal and nothing to be concerned about.

But there is a second point that needs to be addressed. You can’t get your penis properly cleaned when you are avoiding touching it. I know at a young age it feels awkward and too stimulating, but it still needs to be washed with soap and water. Otherwise, you are going to stink and be prone to jock-itch.