Will I grow another inch or two?



I´m almost 16 years old and I’m on Tanner Stage 4.4 and my height is 5’6 (171 cm). I want to know if I will grow at least 1 or 2 more inches. I did sports like soccer and swimming from when I was 8 until I was 11 years old. Now I’ve been training for 2 years in the gym. I have been eating well with good nutrition since I was 12.

My father is 5’4 ft (165 cm) and my mother is 5’3 (160 cm) but my dad´s brothers are from 5’9″ to almost 6 feet and the uncles of my mother were the same height as my dad’s brothers.

I hope for an answer. Thank you.


Boys born of your parents would be a minimum height of 5’3.5 (163 cm). You have exceeded that. You did not inherit genes from your uncles, so that won’t determine your height.

In stage 4, boys tend to grow 1 to 3 additional inches, but you are already halfway through the stage. My wild guess that you will probably grow about another centimeter, perhaps two before you completely stop growing in height.