Will I grow more if I have a bone age of 16?

Last updated on September 5, 2020



I just turned 19 and my penis hasn’t grown much. When I was 15 my doctor prescribed me Genotropin because my body doesn’t produce enough hormones. My bone age is 16 which means I can still grow. Does the bone age effect only height or also the genitals? I also did the Tanner Stage Test and it says that I’m in late third stage. The first time I noticed some change in my penis was about two years ago. My pubes are already there, the armpit hair are not that much though, and my voice has gotten a little deeper and breaks sometimes.

Thanks for your answer.


The bone age scale typically goes up to the age of 16. Thus, 16 is equivalent to stage 5 of the Tanner Stage scale. Stage 5 is when you stop growing in height though you might continue to mature in some other features, such as facial hair. See What is the difference between bone age and a Tanner Stage?

The Tanner Stage Calculator gives an estimate based on your input. I can’t verify whether what you entered is accurate or not since I can’t see you. Also, all the questions are based on the typical way a boy develops. You had problems and I cannot predict how that will skew the results in your particular case. Your brief description of yourself indicates someone in late-stage four, but that is just a guess on my part.